Site of Holywell Priory at Coton Farm (Caves Inn)

Description of this historic site

The site of Holywell Priory, a monastery dating to the Medieval period. The existence of the monastery is suggested by documentary evidence. It was situated 1km south west of Shawell.

Notes about this historic site

1 Notitia Monastica places the Austin cell of ‘Holywell upon Watling Street’ and describes it as a cell/chantry of Black Canons belonging to the Abbey of Rowcester in Staffordshire. Holywell Priory is another name for Cave’s Inn. The name seems to have been retained for a field and later house on the site, but no trace of the cell or chapel has been discovered. Finds from the area have been mainly Roman but have included a morse (an ecclesiastical cope fastening).
2 Founded 1240-70. Dissolved 1325.
3 Work in the vicinity of the priory site by Rugby Archaeological Society. No features were recorded, just ‘vast amounts of medieval pottery’.

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