Site of Abbess's Lodgings at Polesworth Abbey

Description of this historic site

The site of the Abbess' lodgings were part of Polesworth Abbey which is medieval in date. Parts of the lodgings were later reused in the building of a manor house on the same site. The site is located 200m east of Bridge Street, Polesworth.

Notes about this historic site

1 After the Dissolution the site of Polesworth Abbey passed to Francis Goodere, whose son Sir Henry fashioned a manor house out of, or on the site of, the Abbess’s lodgings, W of the cloisters (see MWA207). The dining room of the later vicarage includes some material from the manor house, including a roof of three bays in which are two large pointed arches formed by hollow-chamfered beams, probably of the 15th century, carried on later wood corbels.
2 Manor house built out of or on site of Abbess’s lodgings replaced c1870 by the vicarage.
3 A programme of recording and observation was undertaken by Warwickshire Museum Field Services group between 2002-2006. A reburied medieval stone coffin and part of a brick vault was recorded in the interior of the church, during the excavation of a statue base. Medieval and later masonry was recorded during limited excavation outside the church. This may have belonged either to a monastic range west of the west range to the cloister, perhaps part of the Abbess’ Lodging, or to the west end of a building set against the church. An undercroft was also recorded.
4Trial trenching in 2007 to the southeast of the vicarage recorded a large east-west aligned building with a mostly robbed-out tile floor, terraced into a series of make-up layers in the late-13th/early-14th-century. The building is too far south to be the frater, but may have been part of the Abbess’ Lodging or a guest hall. After the dissolution the building was demolished and the area landscaped.

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