Site of Thelsford Priory, Charlecote.

Description of this historic site

The site of Thelsford Priory, a Medieval priory for which there is documentary evidence. Excavation work has provided evidence of the extent of the site and of the materials used for building. The site is 1km south east of Wasperton.

Notes about this historic site

1 Site of the priory of Thelsford. Of the building there are no remains above ground, but at Wasperton Manor House is a stone coffin found on Thelsford Farm.
2 Formerly a priory of Augustinian Canons of the Holy Sepulchre founded before AD1200. The transfer to the Trinitarians may have been around 1214. It was also refounded as a hospital. The prior and three brothers surrendered in 1538.
3 Excavation June-July 1966 with the aim of defining the extent of the site, which was 1.7 ha, bounded on the S and W by a large ditch or moat, on the E by the present road and on the N by the brook. About half of the area was covered by buildings which were either entirely of timber, or on stone footings supporting a timber superstructure. The church appears to have been entirely of stone. The pottery found was 13th to 16th century.
5 1972: Further excavation of an area W of the Priory produced a number of boundary ditches and traces of buildings.
6 Formerly Scheduled as SAM Warwickshire 134.
9 Described.
10 Revised SAM number 21587. Conventual precinct originally occupied a roughly rectangular area of apx 1.6ha. Boundary on the N side represented by Thelsford Brook, on W by a linear pond, the former line of the Warwick Road to E and a 2m wide ditch on the S side.
11 Medieval fair held on St Peter’s Chains (1 Aug). The fair was presumably held at the Trinitarian Priory, which has sometimes been mistakenly located in Oxfordshire (T. Tanner, Notitia Monastica (London, 1744), p. 438). The index to CChR, 1341–1417 wrongly identifies the place as Nuffield, Oxfordshire. Charter; granted 26 Apr 1366 by K Edw III to friars of the order of the Holy Trinity of Thuffeld [for Thelsford] (CChR, 1341–1417, p. 193).
12 Letter from 1965 about the site. Encaustic tiles and medieval handles have been found.
13 Correspondence from the 1970s referring to a proposed road improvement scheme.
14 Letter from M. Gray about the excavation with drawings of finds.
15 Short report of negative excavation in 1972.

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