Excavations of RB Buildings at Manduessedum

Description of this historic site

The remains of buildings dating to the Roman period in the town of Manduessedum were excavated. The site is located 500m south east of Witherley Bridge, Mancetter.

Notes about this historic site

1 1964 Site A. Beneath the late 3rd century/4th century rampart (PRN 3857) and in front of it were signs of intense occupation from the late 1st century onwards, and the construction of the defences had involved the dismantling of a very substantial timber structure. The earliest features were shallow and ill-defined and contained mid to late 1st century pottery. These features included post holes, pits and slots. In the early 2nd century these were replaced by more substantial structures, with floors of clay and mortar. These were altered and rebuilt throughout the 2nd century and 3rd century. Later these were dismantled and the defensive system constructed. A number of features including a stone wall, a slot and a post hole may be later than the defences.
2 Plan.
3 Plan.

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