Douuble Ring Ditch and Pits 200m W of Further Lodge (Site A), Barford.

Description of this historic site

Aerial photographs showed a complex of cropmarks including a double ring ditch and pits. Excavation uncovered evidence of cremations and a probably hengi-form barrow of Neolithic and Bronze Age date. The site was under the M40 at Barford.

Notes about this historic site

1 Site is one element in a complex of cropmarks including enclosures and pits.
2 Air photos show the site as a double ring ditch with a faint possible ditch between the two. The inner ditch is irregular and has an entrance on NE. Several pits can be distinguished. On excavation three ditches with distinct fills were found. The inner ring consisted of bowl shaped discontinuous pits with some evidence of recutting. Cremation deposits were found at the base and in the fill of the ditches. The outer ditch was wider and shallow and also contained possible cremation deposits. The middle ditch had an entrance to SE. There were a series of internal holes which produced pottery of Western Neolithic and Peterborough type, a wooden object and a saddle quern. 5 intrusive pits produced Iron Age pottery and saddle querns (PRN 6087). One intrusive pit produced a Bronze Age chisel which had been covered with a Bronze Age sherd and was associated with a fossil sponge.
5 Excavation Records.
6 Dating of the ring ditch narrowed to the Neolithic period.
7 Research project report from 1965 includes site 83.
8 Research project report from 1963 includes site 83.
9 Press cutting from 1972 about the threat of gravel extraction.
10 Correspondence from 1964 about a proposed excavation by Warwick School.
11 Letter written to the quarrying company in 1965.

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