Site of Migration Cemetery E of Offchurch

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a cemetery dating to the Migration or Early Medieval period. Two Anglo Saxon burials were discovered in the 1800s. It was located north of Long Itchington.

Notes about this historic site

1 Graves discovered in digging gravel at the summit of the hill. Lack of supervision reduced the archaeological value of the discovery. The ordinary shield-boss, knife, spearheads and brooches were found. All of these objects may well have belonged to one or two interments and do not in themselves prove the existence of a cemetery. The brooches consisted of a disc, a square-headed and an unusual example. There were also two cruciform brooches and a few beads of amber and glass paste. A number of third brass coins of the Constantine period also appear to have been found.
3 c1876. Labourers declared that one spearhead was found driven vertically through a body. Burgess is fairly definite that this was a cemetery. None of the finds appear to be now extant.
4 Included in a list.
5 An archaeological evaluation on the site of Old House revealed no evidence for the cemetery.

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