Migration period burial

Description of this historic site

The site of an Anglo-Saxon burial which was found 800m north east of Ragley Hall.

Notes about this historic site

1 More than 60 years ago a female skeleton was discovered in the boundary fence of Ragley Park. Associated with this were some Anglo Saxon objects including a small iron knife, two bronze brooches of the radiate type, an elliptical buckle and a square-headed brooch.
2 Several beads of amber and jet together with some other articles were also found. The burial was dated by R A Smith to the 7th century because of the ornamentation of the square-headed brooch. Lord Hertford has in his possession the brooches, the bronze buckle and the knife, and a bronze needle sheath, one paste and two amber beads, and part of the lower jaw of the skeleton.
3 OS card.
4 Correspondence with the Marquess of Hertford about the finds.
5 Noted. Saxon ornaments discovered with skeleton of a female on boundary fence of Ragley Park near course of River Arrow. Large square-headed fibula , two of lesser size, a kinfe and blade which still retains its magnetic properties, several beads of which the most part were amber and one of ancient glass, yellow and black inlaid, a buckle etc. Contains references to Minutes of Proceedings of Society of Antiquaries, 28 Jan 1836. Also Archaeologica 54 pl. 18, p.482.

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