Wootton Wawen Mill

Description of this historic site

Wootton Wawen Mill, the remains of a watermill. This mill may be one of three recorded in the parish in the Domesday survey. In the 18th century it became a paper mill, and was later used to generate electricity. The building, 150m east of Wootton Bridge, is now a store.

Notes about this historic site

1 This may have been one of the three watermills in Wootton Wawen recorded in 1086. In the early 18th century the mill on this site was converted for paper making and information on ownership exists for the 18th century. By 1845 the mill was used for corn grinding and information on ownership exists for the 19th century. The mill closed as a corn mill in 1912, but continued to be used to generate electricity. The building is now used as a store. The mill is a fine five-storey structure built of brick and dating from the 18th century. A fine mill house stands nearby. All of the corn-grinding machinery has been removed, but one of the two turbines remains in position.
4 The building is being converted into three houses and the turbines have been transferred to Great Alne Mill (PRN 1559). The pond at the back has been filled in. The leat survives in part.

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