Possible Castle 200m S of Wootton Wawen Church

Description of this historic site

The site of a possible Medieval motte and bailey castle. It is visible as an earthwork, though it has also been suggested that the site is an ice house or Post Medieval fishpond. It is located 200m south of the church, Wootton Wawen.

Notes about this historic site

1 An area of relict features, many in a very good state of preservation. Chief among them is what appears to have been a very small motte and bailey castle. This sat at the front of a gently sloping promontory between the River Alne and a tributary, taking advantage of a long steep bluff along the W edge of the Alne’s flood plain. Most of the motte has survived, as has the N part of its ditch. The rest of the ditch was infilled in the Medieval period when the bailey was greatly enlarged to form a rectangular enclosure. This was defended by a bank and ditch to the N and a large bank to the E, S and W. An extensive three-armed pond surrounds the manorial complex on three sides. Within the enclosure there appear to be a number of faint platforms. The chronology of these features is not fully clear.
2 Scheduled as Warwickshire Monument no 175.

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