Warwick Castle Domestic Range Undercroft

Description of this historic site

An archaeological survey of the domestic range undercroft at Warwick Castle noted its architectural history. The domestic range undercroft was built in the Medieval period and has largely escaped alteration and retains many original features.

Notes about this historic site

1 An appraisal was carried out of the undercroft of Warwick Castle. In the medieval period the undercroft was of fairly high status, but later it was used as a domestic range of rooms; they escaped remodelling and retain many original features. Within the Medieval range there had formerly been a church, the Church of All Saints (WA 1951) referred to in this report as the Chapel. The appraisal consists of three parts; firstly, a discussion of the documentary and pictorial sources for the undercroft range; secondly, a survey of its architectural features, and thirdly an account of its building history.
2 Phase 1 of the undercroft conversion was recorded in three areas. A trench was dug at the site of the external stair at the north east end of the chapel undercroft (WA 1951); contractors’ work was observed also.

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