Kingsbury Hall Castle

Description of this historic site

The site of Kingsbury Hall Castle which was built during the Medieval period. The walls of the enclosure are still visible, as well as an octagonal tower.

Notes about this historic site

1 Two lengths of 14th century curtain wall about 1.7m thick and 6m high built of good coursed square masonry. The two lengths meet at a semi-octagonal tower about 2.5m wide across inner mouth. Adjoining W side of tower is a small turret containing garderobe. Traces of a second garderobe exist. The length of wall running N from the tower runs to the main gateway with a 3m wide archway, probably rebuilt, which appears to have had an external gatehouse. A pond to the N of the N wall may indicate a moat. Detailed information also exists on the history of the ownership of the manor of Kingsbury.
2 The title castle is appropriate because of the strong defensive nature of the site and the strength of the remaining structure. The walls are probably 13th century/early 14th century and the tower and main gateway slightly later.
3 The site was scheduled and the scheduled area later enlarged to include Kingsbury Hall.
4 SAM List
5 OS Card
6 Field Survey Form
7 Scheduled Monument Information. Revised area and new number. The scheduling includes the standing and buried remains of the Medieval enclosure castle, including a curtain wall and a house. The curtain wall includes standing remains to the south and east, dating from the 14th century. The walls measure about 1.5m in width, standing up to 5.5m high with a semi-octagonal tower located at the south east angle. The walls are constructed of coursed sandstone. The east curtain wall measures approx. 28m in length with an arched gateway. The southern wall is approx. 21m in length with the remains of a 2nd tower. The castle survives well.
8 Scheduling information from 1980.
9 Three architectural plans relating to a proposed new bungalow at Kingsbury Hall.
10 Archival material from the Department of the Environment.

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