Possible early castle 200m E of Crewe Farm

Description of this historic site

The possible site of an early castle, the remains of which are visible as earthworks. It is located 700m north east of Glasshouse Wood.

Notes about this historic site

1 Before the Conquest Kenilworth was a member of Stoneleigh and had a castle (Regist de Stonle F 4a) on the banks of the Avon in the woods opposite Stoneleigh Abbey. It stood upon Hom Hill but was demolished in King Edmund’s time.
2 ‘CASTRUM VOCATUM STONLEHOLM’ Stonley Holm 14th century (P) marked.
3 Reference 2 may suggest that the supposed castle was at this grid reference. The source of the information was not found.
4 ‘Fortified site’ marked on a slight hill NE of Glasshouse Wood. Possible earthworks are marked.
5 A multivallate earthwork of possible Iron Age origin stands on a promontory dominating a river crossing. According to the Stoneleigh Abbey Leger Book, written in the 14th century, the earthwork is stated to have been destroyed in the wars between Canute and Edmund Ironside in the early 11th century.
6 Geophysical survey produced a series of anomalies that may be archaeological in origin, however thay could easily be natural in origin.
7 Language in Dugdale is ambiguous and seems to suggest that the castle was in Stoneleigh but not necessarily to pre-date the Conquest. This would be highly unlikely. Most likely interpretation is that the earliest Norman castle here was at Stoneliegh rather than on the Kenilworth castle site. Some confusion with the Iron Age hillfort also. Date changed.

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