Site of Graveyard of Radway Church

Description of this historic site

The site of a cemetery dating back to the Post Medieval period. The graveyard is associated with the old church at Radway. It is situated 300m south of the present church.

Notes about this historic site

1 The old graveyard was here and is now levelled.
2 A survey of the graveyard, made in 1949. The earliest stones found were dated to 1646 and 1663. The last stone was for a grave in 1878. Crude baroque styles. Mostly of local stone.
3 Plan of the graveyard giving positions of tombstones and inscriptions made in 1949 is deposited in Warwickshire County Record Office (see copy in FI File 698).
4 The graveyard is marked on the OS 1st ed (1886) 6″ series
5 Survey of monumental inscriptions on graves and monuments in the graveyard and inside the church
6 Survey of monumental inscriptions of Warwickshire graveyards and churches and floral survey of churchyards. Includes a plan that shows graves to the south of the church. The shape of the land boundary seems consistent with a different orientation however, one that would make the church aligned north-south with the graves to the west.
7 Historical map showing graveyard close around the church.
8 Notes and comments on this site.

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