Possible Site of Priory Church, Studley

Description of this historic site

The possible site of the priory church dating to the Medieval period. It is located 750m north west of St Mary's church, Studley.

Notes about this historic site

1 The remains of Studley Priory have been built up and form the gable of a modern farmhouse called ‘The Priory’.
2 The farmhouse, now much modernised, embodies a few fragmentary portions of a conventual building. A gabled W wall of stone rubble contains the remains of a large 14th century window which was mostly destroyed by a projecting stone chimney stack dated 1539. The SE angle has some ancient stone quoins and the E gable-head and adjacent wall have some Tudor timber-framing. A few Medieval sculpture fragments are built onto the walls. The discovery of a stone coffin suggests that the original chapel stood to the NE of the existing building.
3 A coffin, found while digging foundations for a building behind the farmhouse. Although found with other coffins it is the lid of the coffin of a prior. It even seems possible that the farmhouse stands on the site of the nave of the priory church; this slab would then have been in the N transept.
5 Although the farmhouse is largely brick-clad a great deal more of the stonework of the original building is exposed within the roof and it is possible that the building may have been in a ruinous condition when converted. The thickness of parts of the exterior wall also suggests that much of the stonework survives within the present walls.
6 Plan of the site.

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