Saltway running east from Wellesbourne

Description of this historic site

Part of an Early Medieval trackway known as the 'Saltway'. It is mentioned in a charter of 969 AD. It is part of a major routeway across the country heading east from Stratford upon Avon. It may have originated during the Roman period.

Notes about this historic site

1 Saltway (Sealt Straet) referred to in a charter of AD 956. This was part of a major cross country routeway running eastwards from Stratford.
2 Maps illustrating part of route.
3 Excavation of a trial trench (EWA7323, centred upon SP33795490) across the known saltway prior to the excavation of ‘send and receive’ pits for a new gas pipeline revealed a cambered rubble road surface. No associated dating evidence was recovered. It was likely that this represented a late reconstruction of the original track.
4 Dating confirmed as Romano British to Medieval.
5 Continuation of the saltway through the parish of Watergall added to the GIS

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