Moat 500m N of Upper Radbourne Farm

A possible moat on the 1906 Ordnance Survey map near Ladbroke | Open
A possible moat on the 1906 Ordnance Survey map near Ladbroke
Description of this historic site

Aerial photgraphs and traces of earthworks, suggest that this is the site of a Medieval moat, a wide ditch usually surrounding a building. It is situated 450m west of Long Spinney, Upper Radbourne.

Notes about this historic site

1 Small entrenchment situated on level ground which slopes away at a short distance on several sides. The remains consist of little more than a ditch enclosing an irregular oblong area. A plan made in 1849 shows a ‘perfect rampart’ all round the inside of the ditch, except where there was a gap just NE of the W corner; there is a small pool in the angle of the ditch at this point. The work has been described variously as prehistoric, Roman and Civil War but its present appearance rather points to its being a moated enclosure.
2 Plan of 1849.
3 Remains of a small homestead moat, very much spread by the plough.
4 It may be associated with Southam Courtyard as enclosures or assarts for the Southam Holt (PRN 6218). 1973: The earthwork and pool were still visible in 1972, although the field was ploughed. At the time the bank was about 0.3m high.
5 Various APs.
6 Air photographs show the ditch and wide internal bank of the site.
7 Noted by MSRG.
8 Field record sheet from 1971.

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