Possible Deserted Medieval Settlement to S of Northbrook

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a Medieval deserted settlement. Several hollow ways are visible as earthworks. The site is located 700m north west of Sherbourn Hill, Fulbrook.

Notes about this historic site

1 Northbrook House (PRN 847) was part of an ‘ancient village’.
2 In the field to the SW and SE of the present farmhouse are traces of a possible deserted settlement. Distinct remains of an old track cutting through the ridge and furrow lead from the modern farmyard across the drive to the S. A second track or hollow way leads down the hill from the NE across the modern drive and into the next field. There is no obvious trace of house platforms, but the existence of the hollow way might indicate occupation.
3 On a field visit in April/May 2013 no evidence was observed of the existence of tracks or hollow ways. There is an unidentified feature to the NW of the farm buildings.
4 Map of Northbrook Farm shows boundaries of fields, field names and acreages as at 1813.
5 The field to the east contains ridge and furrow and so the earthworks must have been to the south and are now ploughed out. The GIS has been amended to reflect this.

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