Site of Poss Shrunken Medieval Settlement at Moreton

Description of this historic site

The possible site the Medieval shrunken village at Moreton. Remains of the settlement are visible as cropmarks on aerial photographs. The site is located to the east of Little Morrell.

Notes about this historic site

1 ‘Rous’ list is confusing. He lists Merton, Merhul and Salemorton. But Salemorton is another name for Moreton. The hamlet of Morrell, as it is now spelt, is about half a mile from the village now called Morton (Moreton) Morrell and the air photographs show that it was once, in fact, more extensive to its E and N.
2 No earthworks indicative of desertion can be seen, much of the land being arable, but in the field centred at SP3156 are extensive old quarries.
4 An aerial photograph of the field E of Grange Farm shows a series of square enclosures flanking on an E-W trackway, originally interpreted as Medieval buildings bearing some relationship to the deserted village of Little Morrell. Fieldwork and consultation with local inhabitants indicates that these marks were made by sub-surface stone walls and paving of 18th-19th century date. A gentleman of Brookside said that his grandparents recalled farm buildings at the site.
5 Field Survey Form.

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