Excavation of Roman Settlement at Tiddington 1982-1983

Plan of a Roman pottery kiln near Tiddington, Stratford upon Avon | Warwickshire County Council
Plan of a Roman pottery kiln near Tiddington, Stratford upon Avon
Warwickshire County Council
Description of this historic site

The site of a Roman settlement excavated in 1982/3 in advance of development. Evidence of domestic activity was found from the 1st century to the mid 3rd. The site lies to the north of the Tiddington Road.

Notes about this historic site

1 1982-3: Excavation in advance of redevelopment. Earliest occupation was in the form of ditches defining enclosures of various sizes, also concentrations of post holes and hearths indicating houses. The enclosures and houses had been refurbished over a long period. The earliest ditch contained an Iron Age coin and ‘Belgic’ pottery (PRN 5552). In the late 1st/early 2nd century roads with drainage gullies were laid out across the site. These were accompanied by rectilinear buildings of timber. One contained a small bread oven. The buildings were accompanied by wells and pits, also two small pottery kilns. The latest building was early 3rd century. After the mid 3rd century the area appears to have reverted to open space and a number of burials were made (PRN 5553). Finds included small amounts of slag and tile, also fourteen coins. There was an absence of fine ware – low-status area.
2 Noted.
3 1988. Excavation adjacent to the 1982 site revealed boundary ditches running parallel or at right angles to the Tiddington Road which is of Roman origin. Most of the ditches were of 1st – mid 2nd century, the latest was of the fourth century and there were two late Roman inhumations, one of them with hobnails.
4 The enclosure in 3 above was actually of Anglo-Saxon date (MWA6398). Pottery from the late 5th to 6th centuries came from the fills of the ditches and associated postholes. This is contra the interim report as detailed analysis was not available at the time. The amount of pottery may represent settlement in the vicinity but no definate structures were seen.

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