Warwickshire at War 1914-1918: September 1914

Snippets from the Royal Leamington Spa Courier and Warwickshire Standard

Cartoon picture of soldiers of the Warwickshire Regiment. 1910s.
Warwickshire County Record Office reference PH(N) 274/43

In the Royal Leamington Spa Courier and Warwickshire Standard Newspapers, there are lots of snippets of information about life at home and details of local soldiers experiences out on the Western Front. Here are a few articles published in the September 1914 additions of the newspapers:

Warwick and Country Edition Page 2, Column 2 11th September 1914:

Public Notice. “Call to Arms. Your King & Country Needs You”. Mass meeting Market Square, Warwick 16/9/1914 to explain causes of the war and encourage recruiting for Lord Kitchener’s Army.

Warwick and Country Edition Page 2, Column 6, 11th September 1914:

Germans arrested in Leamington. Three German reservists arrested by the Chief Constable, T.T. Earnshaw, and made prisoners of war. They were employed in the Royal Borough and had not answered the calls of “their War Lord, the Kaiser”….. apparently being desirous of enjoying the friendship of their enemies rather than fight for the Fatherland. They were conveyed from Leamington to a town in Berkshire where they will be taken care of until war is over.

Warwick and Country Edition Page 2, Column 7, 11th September 1914:

Royal Warwickshire Experience. Eight soldiers of Royal Warwickshire Regiment wounded in the lower limbs by bullets at Mons – arrived in Leamington en route home in Coventry. “We found ourselves in a slaughter-house! There were 3,000 of us and we were so overwhelmed by the German forces that we were ordered by our officers to look after ourselves”.

Warwick and Country Edition Page 3, Column 1, 18th September 1914:

Local Lady Taken for a Spy. Leamington lady archaeologist making notes in front of building in a village near Coventry was quizzed by a police constable. He searched her handbag and finally let her go. “Being a sensible woman, she did not attempt to browbeat the constable as she knew he was only doing his duty”.

Warwick and Country Edition Page 4, Column 2, 18th September 1914:

Local News. Kenilworth. “A Gallant Couple”. Mr Andrew of Station Farm, Kenilworth, has enlisted leaving the responsibility of looking after his work to his wife. Beside superintending the farm work, she personally undertakes a milk delivery twice daily – “and does it cheerfully in all weathers”.

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Royal Leamington Spa Courier and Warwickshire Standard , 11th & 18th September 1914, courtesy of Warwickshire County Record Office

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