“Our Hive Of Voices”, LGBTQ+ History in Warwickshire

Welcome to the latest phase of Meeting Point.  More information about the project so far can be found here.

Over the last year artist Lady Kitt has worked with Proud Youth, a group for LGBTQ+ young people based in Leamington, supported by Warwickshire Pride. The group really wanted this project to offer opportunities to think about lively, fun, engaging ways of telling stories about LGBTQ+ history and contemporary life in Warwickshire.

An interactive digital installation created for the project

This digital installation is based around the artwork Lady Kitt and artist Sarah Li made as part of the project. The work is a “hive”: an ornately decoupaged, wooden cabinet which opens to reveal a series of hexagonal chambers.

In each of these chambers you will find a “Story Scroll”. The story scrolls contain creative responses made by Proud Youth members and research relating to LGBTQ+ history in Warwickshire, plus documentation of activities which have taken place as part of the project (for example craft workshops and biscuit making!).

By navigating the digital installation you can “open” the scrolls to:

  • Find information about LGBTQ+ people and communities in Warwickshire throughout history.
  • See pictures of, and follow links to, archival documents in Warwickshire County Record Office relating to LGBTQ+ and other hidden histories.
  • See images of artworks made by young people who are members of Proud Youth. Some of these reflect LGBTQ+ history in the county (and beyond). Some document what it is like to be a young LGBTQ+ person in Warwickshire today.
  • Find out more about other creative and historical research Lady Kitt, Sarah Li, researcher James Davison,  and members of the Proud Youth Group carried out during the project.
  • Find out how to donate your own LGBTQ+ stories, or other “Hidden Histories” to the project / to Warwickshire County Record Office
  • Download printable instructions / templates which you can use to inspire your own “Story Scrolls” / creative activities relating to LGBTQ+ history

Navigating the installation

This virtual tour works similarly to Google Maps. Click and drag to look around and click the white arrow to move around the space. Click or tap on the white icons in each scene for close-ups of the artworks and more information about the project. You might find it beneficial to make the installation full screen.

Get involved!

If you would like to share a story / information about LGBTQ+ history in Warwickshire you can:

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