Armistice Day

Southam. Armistice Day Service. View of the crowd by the war memorial outside the Church. 1920s
Warwickshire County Record Office reference PH 350/2050

Armistice Day is nearly upon us, and it’s worth pausing to note its continued significance. Here are a few quotes from people that show the continued awareness.

  • “It’s a moment to pause and reflect… it’s always been a tradition y’know… I did once go to the Kenilworth one because my Dad was the representative from Warwickshire Police. That was a different perspective on it, a much more formal and obvious ceremonial aspect to it… it does feel more serious and relevant if you’re at some kind of ceremony for it.”
  • “It’s across a range of media at the moment… it’s important to commemorate, but also important to remember those who are currently risking their lives, as well as those in the past.”
  • [On taking children to a ceremony]To be honest, they were always extremely respectful. I don’t know… I taught upper juniors and they sort of got it… the older ones understood.”
  • “I do think it is important, and I think it’s important to make people aware of its importance and its meaning… to remember the fallen, not only of the two world wars, but of every war since.”
  • [On going to see the poppy display at the Tower of London] “It was very moving and beautiful, all around the moat and every part of it… But it was very moving, and there were a lot of people there, and there was kind of a sense of community and everyone, you know, in the shared kind of respect and grief or whatever your emotions were, and I was very glad we went there… it seemed like everyone on the train from Warwick Parkway was going down on the train to the Tower to see it.”
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