Saxon Mill at Guy's Cliffe

A 1900s trip down the River Avon revisited, part 18

The Saxon Mill originally belonged to the Augustinian St Mary’s Abbey in Kenilworth and then formed part of the Guy’s Cliffe estate. It was rebuilt in 1822 and appears to have been extensively remodelled again since the Rev. Dew’s pictures were taken. One of my old postcards, reproduced on this page, shows several buildings that have now disappeared completely. It is possible that the racksaw – now at Avoncroft Museum – operated from one of these buildings.

The mill since 1900

It was a working corn mill until 1938, then converted into a restaurant and bar in 1952. The water wheel has been restored and provides an interesting feature of the current gastro-pub with the mill-race still visible through a glass panel in the floor.

A trip down the River Avon revisited

This is part of a series of ‘before and after’ photographs based on the Rev. E.N. Dew’s lantern slides for a talk about the Warwickshire Avon. The original photos date from around 1900 (though that of the side of the mill may be older as it looks like an article in a book) and the linked article explains the history of the photographs.

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