Harbury Windmill

Harbury Windmill and Montgomery House
Ron Thorpe

The windmill is a tower type built between 1802 and 1812, using derelict stone from Chesterton Manor.

When built, the windmill had a stone lower part, while the upper part was a red brick tower with batter. It had an Iron sheeted boat shaped cap with wheel and lulling gear, windshaft with poll end and brake wheel, four sails with staging, three pairs of stones and machinery. It is a six storey building with a total height of 70 feet.

20th century history

The windmill ceased working by sail in 1912 and was powered firstly by a steam engine, then by an oil engine and from the 1930s. Finally, it was powered by electricity until 1952 when it ceased milling. The stocks were removed in 1934. The boat shaped cap was removed in 1982 and replaced with a larger looking pitched roof. It became a Grade II listed building on 7th January 1952, and in 1988 the lower floors became part of a house.

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