The Stag and Oak, Ghosts of a Lost Warwick Pub?

Every day I go for a walk up Cape Road in Warwick, and I noticed that on the side of a large house there are the remains of a painted sign which appears to be curved along the roof line, but very little of the text is visible. The sign looks like turn of the century sign writing. The house is opposite the building called the blue dairy and the building also has a nameplate, it’s called Stag & Oak House. I believe this was a pub that was around in 1930 as far as I can trace, although I can find very little info. It gets a short mention in a piece about Warwick prison when it mentions the licensee moving up to the old governor’s house, which appears to have been a pub as well.

A thing of beauty

They are doing work on the governor’s building at the minute and I do hope they remove that awful paint from the blue bricks, talk about defacing a thing of beauty! If you have any information I’d love to hear it, especially what the sign stated – long shot I know. If you could help I’d be most grateful.

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