Solihull Remembers

From 6th August to 13th September 2014, Solihull Central Library

Solihull Remembers, Heritage Gallery, Solihull Central Library.
Photo courtesy of Solihull Central Library.

The exhibition, ‘Solihull Remembers’ which is currently showing at the Heritage Gallery on the first floor at Solihull Central Library will be officially opened by the Mayor at 10am on Wednesday 6th August. The exhibition includes the individual stories of people who served in World War One with a connection to the borough; as well as how Solihull itself was affected.

It’s on during library opening hours until 13th September 2014, so there’s plenty of time for you to come along and have a look round.

Remembrance cards

If you want to remember anyone who died in the war, or who served and survived, do fill in one of our remembrance cards and let us add it to our ‘wall of memory’. It doesn’t matter if the person wasn’t from Solihull, we’re happy for you to remember anyone you wish to include.

You’re welcome to fill in one of the cards when you visit or, alternatively, fill in the PDF form in the ‘Downloads’ section of this web page, and email it to us (you may need to save the file first, and then edit it). If you have a photo you’d like to include, please attach that to your email as well, and send it to us at We’ll then add it to the wall for you.

Over the next four years, and beyond, we’ll also be blogging, and aim to mention by name each of the 650 or so people from places now within the borough who lost their lives in the First World War.