"A Pint of Ale" Southam's Public Houses

May 29th to September 30th 2017. Vivian House, Southam. Every Saturday and Tuesday 10-12pm

Bowling Green Inn, Southam.
Image courtesy of Southam Heritage Collection

An exhibition about Southam’s public houses. Today only four remain, but we know there has been up to 30 public houses throughout the years in Southam and the exhibition brings out the stories of murder, mayhem and mystery as well as the more mundane life of the farmer, gentleman or labourer! With photographs and artifacts from the Collection, and pub games for the children to try, it will be of interest to all the family.


  • Southam Heritage Collection
  • Vivian House basement (entry off Park Lane)
  • 21 Market Hill
  • Southam
  • CV47 0HF