Cementing Relations in Southam

From June to September 2016 inclusive. Vivian House, Southam. Every Saturday and Tuesday 10-12pm

The exhibition tells the story of lime and cement production and its impact on the town and surrounding villages. Production was based around a number of quarries and works all located within a very short distance of Southam. Local geology provided a rich source of natural material for lime burning, and subsequently the production of cement and quarrying of this material continues to this day.

Stories about the quarries

The Exhibition features stories about the quarries, the people, working conditions and the impact of this very important industry on the town. There are harrowing stories of accidents, such as that of 9 year old Thomas Taylor who fell into the mill grinding wheels, or Henry Walker who was crushed between two wagons, and many many events of broken bones and amputated fingers, which give an understanding to the nature of the work and conditions involved and equally the poor home life of those living in old cottages compared to the new houses built by the cement companies, such as Deppers Bridge and Model Village.

There is the very early transport by canal, followed by rail and later road. There is the industrial and mechanical engineering of the steam navvy and locomotives and the introduction of safer and more modern machinery from the 19th into the 20th century. Surnames will be recognised and perhaps even your own family can be traced in census records, wages books, accident records and more.

The exhibition has been sponsored by the Rugby Group Benevolent Fund and CEMEX UK Ltd.  Entry is free

Please visit us at Vivian House, Southam CV47 0HF (opposite the library).