Settlement earthworks near Bockenden Grange

Description of this historic site

An area of earthworks are visible near Bockenden Grange. This may be activity associated with the post-medieval grange or earlier medieval activity.

Notes about this historic site

1 Earthworks are shown on Lidar images in the area of Bockinden Grange.
2The earthworks have previously been surveyed by Nat Alcock and appears in the Moated Site Research Group Report Number 8 for 1981. The site appears to contain the small moat in the centre (now empty) various dry channels leading to this from the west and out of it to the east. The existing farm, which includes some parts of the medieval grange, had another moat (MWA 2863) and appears to have settlement earthworks to its east. It is not uncommon for granges to have associated small hamlets (eg Milburn Grange 3.2km to the south-east).

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