Medieval fishponds, Radway.

Description of this historic site

Fishponds, used for the breeding and storage of fish, which date to the Medieval period. They were associated with Radway Grange. They remain as earthworks, and are situated to the north west of Castle Wood, Edge Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 A grange belonging to a Cistercian Abbey appears to have existed on the slopes of the lower part of Edge Hill. Four fishponds survive nearby – ‘Mount Pool’, near the site of the old house on the edge of the woods, ‘Long Pond’ about halfway down the Park, ‘Bitter Gutter’ between the park and the adjoining fields on the S side, now dried up and grown over, and the larger pond close to the house.
2 Admittance to the park refused, and fishponds therefore not checked.
3 Three of the ponds were inspected. The Mount Pool and Long Pond were both silted up, but set in quite deep hollows. The pond close to the house still contains water and is maintained as a fishpond.
4 One of the ponds is located some distance away from the other two and has been given a new site number (WA 1005). This pond is the one located closest to the Grange.

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