Shrunken Medieval Settlement at Chesterton Magna

Description of this historic site

The shrunken village of Chesterton Magna. The village became depopulated during the Medieval period. The remains of the Medieval village and areas of ridge and furrow are visible as earthworks, which are situated to the west and south of Chesterton Green.

Notes about this historic site

1 Shrunken village of Chesterton Magna. This is still a dispersed village. Beresford places the site in ‘Town Grounds’/’Little Town’ (cSP3458). Rous lists depopulation here and reports 79 families in the time of Edward I (1272-1307). Information indicates that the depopulation probably occurred before 1489.
3 In the centre of the parish a remarkable series of earthworks represents a polyfocal settlement whose several elements collectively make up the village of Chesterton Magna.
4 Plan.
5 Descriptive text.

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