Iron Age linear earthwork 900m NW of Liveridge Hill

Description of this historic site

A linear earthwork is visible on aerial photographs. It possibly dates to the Iron Age and is located 900m north west of Liveridge Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 Aerial photographs show linear features from SP1468 to SP1569, parallel with the Dean’s Green alignment (MWA1202). Close inspection reveals that one of these features is the boundary of several Medieval open fields. At SP1469, where it meets a hedge more or less at right angles, the outline preserved bears a close resemblence to the Dean’s Green earthwork. A further stretch of bank on the same alignment exists just S of Waterloo Cottages (SP1469). At about this point a narrow sunken lane has cut the bank at an acute angle and the surface of the lane is about 3m below the bank.
2 Between SP14386900 and SP14736925 the possible bank and ditch show as a plough-lowered earthwork in an arable field. At SP14736925 the bank shows clearly in the S verge of the road and is over 2m high, although obscured by undergrowth. At SP14756926 to SP14906936 a bank forms a field boundary. It is a few metres wide and about 1m high.

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