Salford Hall grounds, Salford Priors

Description of this historic site

The site of a formal garden dating originally from the Post Medieval period. A modern garden has recently been created on this site. Features include the remains of a moat, an orchard and a drive. It is situated in Abbots Salford.

Notes about this historic site

1 Monastic site, with 17th century and later building. There was a formal garden to the east of the house, though this has now been removed. House restored as hotel with modern gardens. Features include remains of moat, orchard, drive. Recommended for inclusion on Local List.
23 OS 1:10560 1887/1884 Shts Warks 48NE/49NW show the layout of the grounds (largely orchard) at that time.
4 Greenwood’s 1822 map shows a larger area to the east of the house.
5 Evaluation to the west side of Salford Hall revealed a series of undated pebble surfaces cut by pits which may have been contemporary with the late 15th or 17th-century phases of the manor house. Other undated features included a cobbled surface, a stone wall and a steep sided gully aligned parallel to the Hall which possibly represented garden features.

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