Welcombe House grounds

Description of this historic site

The grounds of Welcombe House. This is a series gardens and landscapes laid out around successive versions of Welcombe House during the Imperial period. Additional garden features were added in the 20th century. Recommended for inclusion on Local List by Lovie.

Notes about this historic site

1 Welcombe House (1866-8) replaced earlier house with Gothic facade (c1810). 19th century formal gardens by Nesfield supplemented earlier landscape including Gothic temple on hill. Features include parkland, drives, lodge, obelisk, terraces, formal gardens, conservatory, pleasure grounds, lake, site of temple. Listed structures include house, lodge, stables, obelisk. Estate map of 1832 shows layout at that date. Site now restored by hotel.
2 Until the late 16th century or early 17th century, when a farmhouse was built, the site was part of the common land of Old Stratford manor. The farmhouse was adapted in the 1790s for use as a gentleman’s residence, and alterations to the landscape were carried out, including the creation of a lake and Gothic temple. Engravings exist showing before (c1794) and after (c1801) [both reproduced]. By c1821 the house itself had been remodelled in a Gothic style, as shown in another engraving of that date [reproduced], and documents of that period note the existence of ‘picturesque cottages’ (possibly lodges) ornamenting the grounds. The estate was sold in 1845 to Mark Philips MP, and on his retirement from politics he embarked on a rebuild of the house (1867 onwards) and the laying out of new formal gardens, including parterre terraces by Nesfield, winter garden/ conservatory, rose garden and topiary. The rest of the grounds retained their earlier character. The house became a hotel in 1931 and though there has been an extensive programme of restoration in the late 20th century, other intrusive features such as inappropriate formal gardens and a golf course now detract from the character of the grounds. They are, however, still recommended for inclusion on the Local List.
36 Shown on OS 1:10560 1886/1887 Shts Warks 38SW/SE, 44NW/NE, with part of park shaded.
710 Shown on OS 1:10560 1926/1938 Shts Warks 38SW/SE, 44NW/NE, with part of park shaded.
11 Note on development of park, with map.
12 Map illustrating 11.
13 Park shown on Greenwood’s map of 1822.

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