Early C19 Bridge at Binton Bridges

Description of this historic site

Binton Bridge which was built during the Imperial period. It may have replaced an earlier bridge. The bridge is situated on Binton Road.

Notes about this historic site

1 The ford associated with the Medieval bridge (PRN 1722) became impassable and c1783 William Silvester, one of the tenants, pulled down the old bridge and built a series of small bridges, just wide enough for wagons, which carried the road right across the river. He also erected a tollgate at the S end. Silvester’s bridge, being without parapets, was the scene of frequent accidents and in times of flood might be submerged for weeks together. In 1807 a petition was made for a county bridge. This failed, but a subscription was raised and work was carried out between 1804 and 1809. The bridge now consists of twelve arches, of which the five southern-most seem to date wholly from that time. The stonework of the remainder is substantially that of Silvester’s bridge, with traces of an earlier bridge (PRN 1722).
2 Listed Building description.
3 Noted by Ordnance Survey.

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