Roman Buildings and Industrial Site at Mill Lane, Mancetter

Description of this historic site

The site of a series of timber buildings, and an industiral site, with ovens, pits and wells was recorded during excavations at the site of the Scout Hut, Mill Lane, Mancetter. Further observation on the site recorded two ditches dating to the Roman period.

Notes about this historic site

1 Following evaluation work done in 1992 for the Scout Hut rebuild, a watching brief was maintained in 1994 on the foundation trenches. It was possible to identify two ditches of the 1st century heading towards the River Anker and guarding the newly discovered east entrance. Bone and wood in excellent condition was recovered from the ditches. The 10kg of 1st century pottery recovered from the trenches show that there was much activity at the River Anker crossing. Found in the ditch was another truncated pyramidal loom weight bringing the total of six of this type otherwise so rare in Britain.
2 Plan.
3 A programme of excavation was carried out at Mancetter Scout Hut, during rebuild in 1992. Several foundation trenches of timber structures were identified, a series of postholes and pits, ovens and wells. These would suggest a timber structure, outside the defences, probably contemporary with the first phase of the fort; this area was subsequently used for industrial processes. Note: this site appears to have not been published further.

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