Ditch revealed by WB at 88 Mancetter Rd, Mancetter

Description of this historic site

A ditch, almost ceratinly part of the defences of the Roman fortress, was recorded at a location in Mancetter Road, Mancetter.

Notes about this historic site

1 Archaeological observation of the excavation of foundation trenches at this location in 1995 revealed a ditch feature which, though undated, could be either Roman or Medieval. However, the site produced no pottery earlier than the 19th century and the archaeological observer suggested that some levels of archaeological deposits may have been removed during the original construction of the house.
2The trenches for the new garage had already been excavated and filled with concrete. Ground level had been considerably reduced before foundation digging, revealing ditch in section at west end of garage. Trenches flooded and adjacent property’s garage had collapsed on to site, hence lack of detailed recording. However, this ditch can now be shown to be exactly in the position expected of one of the defensive ditches of the Roman fortress. Photographs exist in Museum archive but plan of site has vanished.

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