Ice House, Honington Hall, Honington

Description of this historic site

Ice house 150 yds (135 m) NE of Honington Hall. S-facing entrance. Access to the brick ice house through former ancillary buildings. Later converted to a pumping stating by insertion of a water wheel.

Notes about this historic site

1 Ice house, Honington Hall, Honington.
Beamon and Roaf report an ice house, constructed c. 1830, situated 150 yds (135 m) NE of the house in a heavily wooded area. Access through former ancillary buildings. Entrance S-facing. Chamber elliptical. The ‘eye’ in the dome is a later addition. Barely 2 ft (0.6 m) of soil covers over the roof.
The structure lies below the water level, and Mr Major believes it proved to be inefficient; by 1860-70 the ice house had been put to use as a pumping station.
A floor was inserted below the spiringing of the dome to carry a waterwheel which supplied the house and village with water. Waterwheel is by Lampitt of Warwick and drives a three-cylinder pump.
Surveyed byb J. Kenneth Major, 1984.

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