Nuneaton Priory Cloisters and Conventual Buildings

Description of this historic site

The site of the Medieval cloister buildings and other conventual buildings associated with Nuneaton Priory. Only the foundations of these buildings remain and they are situated to the east of Manor Court Road, Nuneaton.

Notes about this historic site

1 The cloisters were unusually large, being 41m square. Of the monastic buildings, only the E wall of the Chapter House (PRN 6133) is standing; it is about 1.8m to 2.1m high and 19m long. No uncovered remains exist of the S or W ranges of the cloisters. A raised lawn S of the vicarage conceals any possible remains of the frater or its kitchens, but S of it are the foundations of two detached buildings. The W was probably a 12th century brewhouse. To the W (actually E) is a 14th century building, probably a misericord.
2 1949-50: Part of the warming house, to the S of the chapter house, was excavated. A stone chimney was excavated.
3 Plan included in the above article.
4 Part of the Priory was excavated and the earthworks to the east of the church were surveyed in 1980. The earthwork survey identified what may be the remains of the edge of a building on the south end of the east range of the cloister.
5 Plan included in the above report.
6 Description of St Mary’s Priory.
7 Observation of the construction of a service trench for a new central heating system revealed foundations of several priory buildings located to the east and south east of the church. Ceramic roof tile was recovered and two disarticulated human bones.
8 Archaeological salvage recording revealed two stone walls. One was substantial and medieval in date with associated pottery, roof and floor tiles. The other was probably later, re-using medeival stone. A substantial number of medieval floor tile fragments were also recovered to the south.
9 Revision of the scheduling.
10Observation of a gas pipe trench within the scheduled area. Demolition layers associated with the demolition of the cloisters were recorded.

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