Post-medieval activity, Wellesbourne Road

Description of this historic site

Post-medieval features, including an 18th century wall, an earlier well, and a 19th century outbuilding, were recorded close to the street frontage of Wellesbourne Road, Barford.

Notes about this historic site

1 Four trial trenches were excavated. Observation was subsequently carried out during topsoil stripping in the south-west of the development and during excavation of the foundation trenches for two dwellings. No finds of Romano-British date were recovered which may suggest that the Roman settlement, indicated by the cropmark to the south-west, does not extend this far. A single sherd of 13th/14th century pottery was found. Post-medieval features, including an 18th century wall and an earlier, possible well were recorded close to the street frontage. A scatter of Post Medieval and modern pottery was recovered from the trial trenches and during topsoil stripping.
2 The foundation trench for a brick wall and an associated brick floor were recorded within a mitigation trial trench at Hemmings Mill, Barford. These features represented an outbuilding that was shown on 19th century maps (OS 1887). A ceramic drain was also recorded, which was probably for a toilet in the outbuilding. These features overlay a series of undated probable gravel quarry pits.

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