Possible site of "Swearing Castle", Willington

Description of this historic site

The possible site of Swearing Castle dating from between the Post Medieval and Imperial periods. The castle is known from documentary evidence. Various finds have been recovered from the site, including a buckle. It is located 800m north east of Willington.

Notes about this historic site

1 This is the possible site of “Swearing Castle”, which appears on Beightons map of 1725, and it is shown in Dugdale’s History of Warwickshire 1730 as a large house. Surface collection recovered metal and other objects. Possibly constructed c. 1540-80, certainly gone by 1839 and probably by 1775.
2 17th century cloth-seal, possibly of continental origin.
3 Folded lead sheet fragment and iron buckle found, both Post Medieval.
4 Clearly not a castle. Monument type changed.
5An alternative site for ‘Swearing Castle’ taken from slight earthworks visible on HER lidar layer. The previous, northern, location was entirely covered by ridge and furrow in 1945, as shown on Google Earth 1945 APs.

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