Ryknild Street (Medieval road)

Description of this historic site

The line of a road dating to the Medieval period. It follows the route of the Roman road, Icknield or Ryknild Street.

Notes about this historic site

1 In Medieval period known as Icknield Street/ Ryknield Street. Earlier, a Gloucestershire reference records it as Buggildestret (the road of Burghild). Between Studley and Alcester the Medieval route along Ryknield Street was known as Haydon Way (the head or chief way; 1272 as Havedwey).
2 Illustrative maps.
3 Section through this road seen in pipeline trench at c. SP086559. Watching brief recorded “a flat laid cobbled surface 8.5m wide (southern section), 8.0m wide (northern section), the cobbles reaching a depth of 0.7m at the road centre. There were 3 sherds of unglazed thirteenth century (?) ware in the dark brown clayey road matrix. […] There was no evidence of any ditches connected with the road”. From description does not appear to be the RB road.

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