Migration period cemetery

Description of this historic site

In 1861, ten human skeletons were discovered. They are believed to have been buried in a cemetery which dates to the Migration period. They were found in a stone pit 1km north west of St Peters Church at Kineton.

Notes about this historic site

1 E P Shirley exhibited two iron weapons, a javelin and a sword, found in 1861, with ten human skeletons, in a stone pit at Pittan Hill, on the estate of Lord Willoughby de Broke, between Compton Verney and Kineton. The skeletons lay on a bed of black substance; with them were found some fragments of Roman pottery.
2 ?Anglo Saxon inhumation cemetery – information as above. Sited to SP3251.
3 A man of Kineton who used to farm at Pittan Hill confirmed there had been a quarry in the area noted in 2 but could add nothing further.

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