Excavation of Roman Site at Lloyds Bank, Alcester.

Description of this historic site

Ditches and a well of Roman date were found during an excavation. Burials were later put in the ditches. The site was located at the corner of Seggs Lane and Priory Road, Alcester.

Notes about this historic site

1 1975: An area of c200 square metres was examined in the garden of Lloyds Bank. There seems to have been activity throughout the Roman period but its precise nature is uncertain. Pottery of the C1 was found, although not securely stratified, and also an Aucissa brooch. The site had been levelled up with gravel, perhaps to carry a timber-framed building. There were a series of gullies to the E of the site. At the W end was a large undated ditch. There were two parallel ditches to the N of the site, one cut through the filling of a shallow well c1.75m deep. Close to this was a second well, in the top of which was a timber-lined rubbish pit of late C4 date. This was 2m deep and the timbers were very well preserved. One of the two parallel ditches contained two burials and probably in the later C4 the area beside the ditch was used for burial.
2 Included in Alcester sites list as site no 52.
3 Interim report from 1975.

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