Migration or Early Medieval burial

Description of this historic site

The site of a possible Anglo Saxon burial dating to the Migration or Early Medieval period. The remains of a sword and a shield boss were found. The site lies to the west of Napton Hill. Possibly more than one burial.

Notes about this historic site

1 November 1927, during quarrying operations at the W end of Napton Hill, a Saxon internment was found. It was much disturbed before it was realised that it was anything unusual. The owner of the quarry collected what could be found and presented remains to Leamington Museum. Among the several fragments of iron are five parts of sword blade; the weapon must have been about 5 cm wide at its narrowest and nearly 7.5 cm wide at its widest end. The remaining fragments are 74 cm long, but much is missing and it was evidently a particularly long sword. A shield boss, one of the tall pointed type, 13.5 cm in diameter and 16.5 cm high, was also found.
2 No subsequent finds.
3 A letter of Chatwin’s in the possession of the OS dated 6.4.37 mentions ‘a few Saxon skeletons’. In addition there may have been two shield-bosses.
4 Map.