Early Medieval Burials at Tiddington

Description of this historic site

The site of two burials which were found during an excavation. They dated to the Migration or Early Medieval periods. The burials were found in the area of Tiddington.

Notes about this historic site

1 During the 1924-1925 excavations of the R.B. cemetery, 2 skeletons were found in the bunkers of the golf course. These were differently disposed to those of the main cemetery. One was laid with feet to the S, the other with feet towards the NW and the skull placed face downwards upon the ankles. The latter skeleton had three small stones above its shoulders and a portion of quern at the feet. In the vicinity of this skeleton was the point of a bronze pin, a coin of Gallienus and a Gaulish representation of the stater of Philip II of Macedon.
2 The method of burial of the skeleton with stones at the feet and shoulders possibly indicates an A.S. rather than R.B. date.