Find of Saxon period burials

Description of this historic site

The possible site of an Anglo-Saxon cemetery dating to the Migration period. Four burials and grave goods, including a sword and a brooch, have been found at the site. It is located 1km north east of Churchover.

Notes about this historic site

1 Skeletons (no other finds visible) when County Museum excavated bones from under tarmac of street during roadworks here. When constructing lay-by in 1958 further Anglo Saxon finds were also made by workmen. Finds all from opposite side of road to the lay-by.
2 At Gallow Hill a contractor who was improving Watling Street came upon some burials and the Museum was called out. No grave goods were found. Some time later Tamworth Museum passed on a skull, part of a sword, and two bronze objects which had been found originally by one of the contractors. Recently some earrings, which apparently came from the same skull, were handed in at Coventry Museum.
3 1958: Parts of three skeletons were found and thought to be Anglo Saxon. Later a fourth skeleton was found W of the road where a lay-by was being constructed; it was accompanied by an iron sword, a bronze ring and an Anglo Saxon annular brooch.
4 Letter from 1958.

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