Excavation of Possible Neolithic Settlement - 'Site C'

Description of this historic site

An excavation at this site uncovered evidence of ditched enclosures that suggested four phases of occupation. The features showed up on aerial photographs. Features and finds were of probable Neolithic date. The site was 300m north east of Bushey Hill, Barford.

Notes about this historic site

1 1965: Excavation produced evidence for four ditched enclosures. Phases 1-3 were only partly uncovered. Phase 3 was a subrectangular enclosure with a gully which probably acted as a bedding trench for posts. Numerous post holes had three different types of fill – two possible rectangular structures were distinguished. Three large pits, one small pit and part of a possible cremation were found. Phase 4 produced part of an Ebbsfleet bowl and a Mortlake fragment. The excavator suggested that this was a Neolithic rectangular building.
2 Air photograph.

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