Site of Possible Roman Cemetery, Old Stratford Road, Alcester.

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a Roman cemetery which is located west of the old Stratford Road. Human burials and cremations were found, as were fragments of pottery, coins, a bronze pin and roof tiles.

Notes about this historic site

1 Stratford Road, opposite Field 299. White roof tile, rusticated ware and cinerary urn filled with dark grey matter, pin with bronze top, Roman coin, remains of four human bodies, two of which were 18m apart; one skull had part of an iron spear in the top (stratification of these doubtful). The excavations confirm my opinion that the old ford was here and that the River Arrow was diverted when the mill at Oversley was built. Mr Humphreys took piece of spear to have it analysed at Birmingham University. Field 299. Extensive remains, pottery, bones and iron objects (J Brookes).
2 In making turnpike road to Stratford in a bed of gravel several entire skeletons and coins.
3 Included in Alcester sites list.
4 Noted, information same as 1.
5 Noted by Davis in presentation to the society in 1927.

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