Fishpond 100m SE of Church

Description of this historic site

A possible fishpond, used for the breeding and storage of fish. Alternatively, this may be a mill pond, an area of water retained above a mill dam, dating to the Medieval period onwards. It is visible as an earthwork, and is situated 100m south east of the church at Morton Bagot.

Notes about this historic site

1 On the N side of the moat a large pond has been dug into the earthwork of the moat, destroying its symmetry. It appears to be, therefore, of later date. It is retained behind a very large earthen dam, now breached. It may perhaps have helped to retain water within the moat at some period of its use, but only if the moat had been considerably deeper. This does not seem the most feasible suggestion. Alternatively, the pool and dam could have been connected with Morton Mill. However, it is difficult to see how sufficient quantities of water could have been supplied to the mill without flooding the Studley Road. It is more likely that it is a large fishpond. The run of fresh water through the pond is not great today, but may have been sufficient for particular types of fish.
2 Included within the area Scheduled as SM 21554 in 1994. This pond was thought to be a fishpond, but is now believed to be the remains of a millpond associated with the earthwork remains of a watermill.

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